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help others using this app my goal is to connect with others through zoom meetings, calls, text,
Hello, my name is Cierra Evans I’m 18 years old, and I’m passionate about helping others so I came with this idea to help others using this app my goal is to connect with others through zoom meetings, calls, text, and emails. I also want to help to connect them with people with the resource they need even if it coming from my pocket if you can please help me design this app it would be very appreciated you never know who in need and how many lives that can be changed.
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Property search
I want to create an App that would be user friendly to all the clients including the agents and property owners. The aim to to publish home that's up for rental and the ones being sold so basically this is a platform for users to be able to post at a prize while we reach them to the correct and relevant people. The other note i want it to be free download but has ads running so as the app to make money.
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عمان – الأردن
نقزم بجميع أعمال الصيانة المنزلية بكل دقة وأتقان وعلى مدار الساعة وبأقل التكاليف.
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App Development
Sir / Madam, I want to create an App for a good cause, and i believe my app will help lots of people, I cannot give you my app details now First let me know that how much it will cost me. I know it all depend upon the content, but my app is not so complex. I am looking forward for your reply.
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I need online coaching app for TEACHER JOB ASPIRANT I want provide them video classes from my youtube links Online tests Daily quizzes E books
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My project simply a way for kids to learn online! I see,this year, many kids are having a verry hard time. I would like to help them get good education so they can someday get a good job. Like the idea?Goodbye!
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Can you please finish my app, just add features like Instagram and Facebook to it so it can look complete and great to use, Thanks Yamen Nasr CEO & Founder of Lenume
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please help us
hello, my team are working on a school project and we would like to create an app to help students or even teachers with their math problems and not only math problems we are going to add science and it is similar to photomath but it will be in mongolian and english so that in mongolia students can get help and even we would like to make the app can calculate any type og math problems even the sentenced problems please let us know how much would it cost,please reply asap thank you!
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