Features and Benefits

White label solution

We offer a white label solution for our Resellers. You can resell iBuildapp’s services under your own brand, with no iBuildApp’s naming or ads on your website or mobile apps.

Reseller Payment plans

iBuildApp offers several pricing options based on number of apps[1] and downloads[2]. Once you’re subscribed to a monthly payment plan, there will be no extra fee from iBuildApp.

Note: all plans are monthly based. Sorry – no yearly plans or trial period so far.

Environment setup

It will only take us 3 business days to setup your environment. Before you subscribe to a reseller payment plan, we recommend you to register a domain name for your website. You do not need any hosting – your site will be hosted on our side.

Payment system

We recommend using PayPal system for payment processing on your website. You can create a payment button via admin tool; the button will appear on your website to automate the payment process.

Note: iBuildApp doesn’t provide payment system integration.

Custom Pricing

It’s up to you how much you charge your customers on your reseller website.

Soon, our resellers will be able to setup custom payment plans for their customers.

Customer Support

Anytime you contact us, our support team will be happy to assist you. Although we don’t provide customer support for your end users directly, you’re welcome to share with them all tutorials from website and ask us any help you may need.

Website localization and customization

You can localize your reseller website to any language you prefer: select from predefined languages, edit existing localization or create a new one via admin interface.

You can also customize index page, header and footer for your website.

Custom templates for reseller website

iBuildApp allows you to create your own templates on and then share with your customers on reseller site.

Unfortunately right now, there is no way to use third party templates and widgets on your reseller website.

[1] Each reseller plan is limited by number of apps that can be created via reseller website (no matter what the app’s status is – whether it has been published or not).

[2] Each reseller plan is limited by number of downloads – it’s a total amount of installations on unique devices for all apps created via reseller website.