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All Generations Beauty & Fashion
I am a wholesale distributor and I want to give customers an opportunity to purchase my products via am app. Product updates will need to be done regularly. I also want to be able to do push notifications so I can alert customers when new products are available. I an building this app for the products related to beauty and fashion to include hair care products and fashion .. handbags and accessories as such.
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i want to build a cool online store app
i want to build a e commerce app with all facilities like amazon
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Приложение с возможностью авторизации трех вариантов пользователя, покупками внутри приложения, пуш-уведомлениями, личными кабинетами.
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دورية المخلب
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choose a boat, book the boat and pay for the boat in an app
A boat rental company. I would like the clients to choose a boat, book the boat and pay for the boat. I haven't done a website yet.
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App for handyman services
Hello, I would like an app that link to my website. A link to get estimates (send pics of projects) scheduler and the ability for the customer to approve estimates etc. Thanks
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App for my network marketing team
I would like a simple app for my network marketing team that allows them to go to important training websites directly from the app, be notified of training events, and message fellow team mates for collaboration.
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make an app where people can take pictures post them look at other peoples post
I want to make an app where people can take pictures post them look at other peoples post. Where they can text and call their friends and make group chats. And get message from deals on our online store.
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Member App
Hi I am looking for an app that we can upload training plans, couch to 5k (perhaps with voice instructions) and also be able to upload strength and conditioning sessions recorded from zoom.
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Fitness club
Hi dear, I Have started my app creation, but since I not an expert in that field, I will love to have look through it and do the necessary modifications. Regards, Amara.
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